How it Works

Step 1 - Choose your Model & Mileage

Your Customer or Your Service Consultant logs in to your Customized URL ( and chooses the Model & Mileage

Step 2 - Review the Recommended Services

As you can see, the Year, Make and Model Specific Manufacturer Recommended Maintenances are in the Upper Left Quadrant is pre-selected to be performed (Sub-Total $149.48)

Lower Left represents the Manufacturer recommended Inspects and Checks.

The Upper Right Quadrant represent those services, not specifically recommended by the manufacturer at this mileage, but recommended by the dealer based on mileage. In this example, we have selected the Wiper blades which separately are $19.87, and as that is selected the Preferred Total at the far Top adjusted accordingly.

Lastly, the Lower Right Quadrant represents what we have traditionally referred to as the A La Carte List of Services that can be performed at this mileage if appropriate.

Step 3 - Detailed Explanations & Videos

Many of the Services have a blue link to them, which when clicked on once, brings up a picture showing Features & Benefits.

Additionally, as you can see in the Upper Left Hand Corner, many of these have a Video with Audio explaining the Service too! 


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